Work Out Electromagnetic Fields

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Physics of EMF generators

One more expression for I ave in terms of both electric and magnetic field strengths is useful. Whichever of the three preceding equations is most convenient can be used, since they are really just different versions of the same principle: Energy in a wave is related to amplitude squared.

Environmental Health Topics

On its highest power setting, a certain microwave oven projects 1. In Part 1, we can find intensity from its definition as power per unit area. Entering the given power into the definition of intensity, and noting the area is 0. To find E 0 , we can rearrange the first equation given above for I ave to give.

Figure 2. Satellite dishes receive TV signals sent from orbit. Although the signals are quite weak, the receiver can detect them by being tuned to resonate at their frequency.

Skip to main content. Electromagnetic Waves. Search for:. Energy in Electromagnetic Waves Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Explain how the energy and amplitude of an electromagnetic wave are related. Making Connections: Waves and Particles The behavior of electromagnetic radiation clearly exhibits wave characteristics. Example 1.

Magnetic flux and Faraday's law

Calculate Microwave Intensities and Fields On its highest power setting, a certain microwave oven projects 1. Calculate the peak electric field strength E 0 in these waves. What is the peak magnetic field strength B 0? Ampere's Law changes depends on the geometry of the emf generator.


The shapes of emf generators let scientists and engineers harness their power. Toroidal shapes are used in transformers use the coils wound around them in different layers such that, when a current is induced through it, the resulting emf and current that it creates in response transfers power between different coils. The shape lets it use shorter coils that reduce the losses to resistance or losses due to the way the currents are wound.

Electromagnetism – WJEC - Revision 1 - GCSE Physics (Single Science) - BBC Bitesize

This makes toroidal transformers efficient in how they use energy. Electromagnets can range in a large amount of applications from industrial machinery, computer components, superconductivity and scientific research itself. Superconductive materials achieve virtually no electrical resistance at very low temperatures close to 0 Kelvin that can be used in scientific and medical equipment. This includes magnetic resonance imaging MRI and particle accelerators. Solenoids are used for generating magnetic fields in dot matrix printers, fuel injectors and industrial machinery.

Toroidal transformers in particular also have uses in the medical industry for their efficiency in creating biomedical devices.

Electromagnets are also used in musical equipment such as speakers and earphones, power transformers that increase or decrease current voltage along power lines, induction heating for cooking and manufacturing and even magnetic separators to sort magnetic materials from scrap metal. The induction for heating and cooking in particular relies on how an electromotive force produces a current in response to a change in magnetic field.

Finally, maglev trains use a strong electromagnetic force to levitate a train above a track and superconducting electromagnets to accelerate to high-speeds at fast, efficient rates. Aside from these uses, you can also find electromagnets used in applications like motors, transformers, headphones, loudspeakers, tape recorders and particle accelerators. After studying physics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Indiana University-Bloomington, he worked as a scientist at the National Institutes of Health for two years.

He primarily performs research in and write about neuroscience and philosophy, however, his interests span ethics, policy, and other areas relevant to science. Place the materials on a nonconducting surface such as wood or concrete.

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  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF) safety.

Coil the copper wire as tightly as you can around the metal object until it's completely covered. Recently, scientific studies have raised questions about the possible health effects of EMFs.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

This fact sheet answers frequently asked questions about EMFs in the workplace. You can use this information to help identify EMF sources at work and to take simple steps for reducing exposures. However, you cannot use this information to judge the safety of your exposures, since the scientific evidence does not yet show whether EMF exposures are hazardous. Static magnetic field around a bar magnet. EMFs are invisible lines of force created whenever electricity is generated or used.

EMFs are produced by power lines, electric wiring, and electric equipment and appliances. The frequency of EMFs is measured in hertz Hz, or cycles per second. People are exposed to both electric and magnetic fields, but scientists are most concerned about magnetic fields. This fact sheet deals only with magnetic fields that have frequencies near 60 Hz the frequency of electric power in North America. Workers may be exposed to high magnetic fields if they work near electrical systems that use large amounts of electric power for example, large electric motors, generators, or the power supply or electric cables of a building.

High magnetic fields are also found near power saws, drills, copy machines, electric pencil sharpeners, and other small electric appliances. The strength of the magnetic field depends on equipment design and current flow not on equipment size, complexity, or voltage. Though some electric equipment produces EMFs of other frequencies, most health research has considered only frequencies near 60 Hz. These electric heaters for metal parts expose workers to magnetic fields that are 10, times greater than the average magnetic fields found outside the workplace.

Work Out Electromagnetic Fields Work Out Electromagnetic Fields
Work Out Electromagnetic Fields Work Out Electromagnetic Fields
Work Out Electromagnetic Fields Work Out Electromagnetic Fields
Work Out Electromagnetic Fields Work Out Electromagnetic Fields
Work Out Electromagnetic Fields Work Out Electromagnetic Fields
Work Out Electromagnetic Fields Work Out Electromagnetic Fields

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