Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)

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Ephesians 4:1-3 – How to Walk in Unity with other Christians

A Jew scholar came to Allah's Prophet may peace be upon him and said: Muhammad, or Abu al-Qasim, verily, Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, would carry the Heavens on the Day of Judgment upon one finger and earths upon one finger and the mountains and trees upon one finger and the ocean and moist earth upon one finger - in fact the whole of the creation upon one finger, and then He would stir them and say: I am your Lord, I am your Lord.

Thereupon Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him smiled testifying what that scholar had said. The same "tradition" is recorded in both its Arabic text and English translation on p. In another "tradition" on the following page p.

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It is narrated by none other than Abu Hurayra who quotes the Messenger of Allah saying, "Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, will take in His grip the earth on the Day of Judgment and He would roll up the sky in His right hand and would say: I am the Lord; where are the sovereigns of the world?

Reference to Allah's alleged hands exists in the following page p. It would be a feast arranged in the honour of the people of Paradise. He the narrator further narrated that a person from among the Jews came and he said: Abu al-Qasim, may the Compassionate Lord be pleased with you! May I inform you about the feast arranged in honour of the people of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection? He said: Do it, of course. He said: The earth would become one single bread. Then Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him looked towards us and laughed until his molar teeth became visible He then again said: May I inform you about that with which they would season it?

He said: Their seasoning would be balam and fish. The Companions of the Holy Prophet may peace be upon him said: What is this balam? He said: Ox and fish from whose excessive livers seventy thousand people would be able to eat. Since when did the Prophet of Allah need the Jews to tell him about the hereafter?

Could the Jews have told him better than arch-angel Gabriel? This is how Judaica crept into Islamic literature, wreaking havoc in and corrupting it, rendering it un-Islamic. Laughter is not at all dignifying. Do not despise me! Yet there are numerous references to the Prophet laughing in hadith the authenticity of which leaves much to be desired.

Two Steps from Hell

Beware of laughing a lot, for a good deal of laughter leaves a servant of Allah very poor on the Day of Judgment. As a matter of fact, to smile in the face of your Muslim brother is equivalent to paying charity, according to one hadith. One day the Messenger of Allah passed by a band of young Ansaris who were talking and laughing heartily, so he said to them, "O folks! Anyone among you who is deceived by his hopes and is short of doing good deeds should look at the graves and be admonished about the life to come.

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  • And remember death, for it shall put an end to each and every enjoyment. The readers may tolerate reading about the Prophet laughing, but what is their conclusion when they come across the claim that Allah, too, laughs?! It depicts one of the scenes on the Day of Judgment. We do not think it is worth quoting here. Sunnis claim that Allah will be seen by Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, who will have audience with Him, as well as by everyone else on the Day of Judgment.

    They quote the Messenger of Allah saying, "The believers will come to Me for intercession after all prophets refuse to intercede on their behalf, so I will set out and seek audience with my Lord, and I will be granted audience with Him. Once I see my Lord, I shall fall down prostrating Then I shall seek His intercession, and He will draw a line for me, so I shall let them enter Paradise. Then I shall go back to my Lord. Once I see Him, I shall fall prostrating According to this "tradition," 22 the Almighty is confined to a specific place where He is visited by the Messenger of Allah who recognizes Him upon seeing Him An entire chapter in The Divine Traditions is dedicated to the believers allegedly seeing their Lord.

    It starts on p. They claim that he said, "You shall see your God with your own eyes. We shall stay here till our God comes to us. So once our God comes to us, we shall recognize Him. So when nobody remains except the righteous and the libertine who worshipped Allah, the Lord of the Worlds will come to them in the form wherein they saw Him, and He will ask them, "What are you waiting for?

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    Each nation should follow what it used to worship. They will twice or thrice respond by saying, "We do not associate any with Allah He will ask them, "Is there any mark whereby you can recognize Him?

    The Game Plan (A Neighbor From Hell Book 5) Audiobook Part 3

    Then they will raise their heads and see Him in the form whereby they saw Him the first time. It is then that He will say, "I am your Lord.

    Six Feet Under: “Grinding The Corn”

    And Allah speaks to His servants on the Day of Judgment and those near and far will hear His voice as we are told in the following "tradition" compiled and published in The Divine Traditions Al-Ahadith al-Qudsiya ; its text here exists on p. Bukhari transmitted it.

    The Book [of] Monotheism; chapter: The statement of Allah,. Sunnis, therefore, believe that Allah will speak to His servants who will be permitted to enter into His Paradise as the above cited quotation implies. There is another lengthy "tradition" on pp. A portion of it states, as the poorly translated text reads, as follows:. This "tradition" is included in al-Tirmithi's Sahih, Vol. There are many such "traditions" which the reader can review in Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, and other "reliable" Sunni recorders of hadith.

    Had we attempted to quote all of them here, this book would have become much larger than it already is.

    Other books

    Probably the most evident of the belief of Sunnis that Allah has the same human physical attributes is what is recorded by the "imam of imams," namely the great hafiz Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Khuzaymah d. This book was published in A. The titles of some of this book sound like a piece-by-piece list of the Almighty's alleged bodily parts: His face, His form, His eyes, His hearing, His vision, His hands, His leg This much should suffice to demonstrate to the discreet reader how our Sunni brethren consider the Almighty as having a physical body quite like ours, how He comes and goes, ascends and descends, walks, talks, laughs and does I do not know what else!

    Vision does not comprehend Him, while He comprehends all vision, and He knows all the subtleties, He is the Aware One. In their view, the Almighty is not a physical form and, hence, does not occupy a space, nor does He move from one place to another, nor can He be seen by anyone. And whoever claims that Allah is present somewhere, or is on top of something, or there is a place where He is not there, or that He occupies a space He cannot be measured or compared by anything; He cannot be like people; He is not absent from anywhere, and He does not occupy a specific space.

    Allah does not descend, nor does He need to descend. Such is claimed by those who attribute to Him an increase or a decrease. Everything mobile needs what mobilizes it or what means whereby it moves. Beware, then, when you discuss His characteristics lest you should imply any increase or decrease to Him, any movement or mobilization, any departure or descending, any sitting or standing. This is the view held by all other Imams from Ahl al-Bayt; none of them contradicts the other; such is the true creed, one wherein there is no contradiction at all.

    In it, the Commander of the Faithful says,. All praise is due to Allah, the One and Only God Who is sought by all, the Unique One Who is neither created out of anything pre-existing, nor has He created anything out of something. None of His attributes can be fully comprehended, nor does He have any measure whereby He is compared.

    The tongue in any language is too crippled to describe His attributes, and the circumlocution of His attributes leads into nowhere but a blind alley. The sharpest of intellects are too puzzled to comprehend His kingdom; all comprehensive explanations are rendered short of delving into His kingdom. Unknown curtains obstruct the understanding of the lowest levels of His hidden knowledge, and the keenest insights are totally lost in comprehending the most seemingly superficial of His subtleties.

    So Glorified is Allah Who cannot be reached by the most ambitious of wills, nor can He be grasped by the deepest of insights. Exalted is He for Whom there is no measure of time, nor any fixed duration, nor any limited description.

    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)
    Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5) Unity (Six Feet from Hell, Book 5)

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