The Life of Saint Severinus

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Severinus of Noricum. Most of what is known of Eugippius comes from his biography of his teacher.

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He wrote several scholarly works, including a thousand-page anthology on the writings of St. Augustine that remained popular through the Middle Ages. Severinus of Noricum c. He was born in either Africa or southern Italy, but not much is known about St. Severinus until he appeared in the region of the Danube in Noricum and began a ministry of preaching Christianity.

Severinus of Noricum

He is said to have performed many miracles and prophesied an attack on Austria by Attila the Hun that devastated the region. He cared for the poor and displaced, and worked to reestablish spirituality and learning in the area destroyed by the Huns. After his death, he was taken to Italy and laid to rest there. Format: Digital.

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Our knowledge of what it was like for the inhabitants of Roman provinces is limited but one source I've run across in several recent books is the Life of St Severinus Vita Sancti Severini , which provides us with glimpses of the slow collapse of the Roman way of life in the remote frontier province of Noricum along the Danube River in modern-day Austria.

I recently read a translation of the full original text.

The biography of St Severinus was written by the priest Eugippius, a follower of the saint, towards the beginning of the 6th century. It is in the form of a draft, accompanied by a letter sent in by Eugippius to the Deacon Paschasius seeking editorial assistance which, in those times, meant adorning the account with flowery classical rhetoric: The testimonies concerning his marvellous life accompany this letter, arranged as a memoir, with a table of chapters prefixed.

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The Life of Saint Severinus The Life of Saint Severinus
The Life of Saint Severinus The Life of Saint Severinus
The Life of Saint Severinus The Life of Saint Severinus
The Life of Saint Severinus The Life of Saint Severinus
The Life of Saint Severinus The Life of Saint Severinus
The Life of Saint Severinus The Life of Saint Severinus

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