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State-of-the-Art Covered Arena Offers Year-Round Riding No Matter the Weather

We teach following time-tested balanced seat, classical dressage and jumping methods. It is important to develop the correct, efficient position in the saddle as it leads to proper balance and less fatigue for both horse and rider.

Balance is the foundation for every equine discipline. Our goal is the development of a well-rounded rider, whether they train on one of our ten quiet New Era Farm horses or their own horse. The result is a confident, capable rider guiding a happy, well-balanced horse! With an emphasis on the safe enjoyment of horses and riding, New Era Farm has earned national recognition for both excellence of instructional program and business practices, as well as earning yearly awards for safe operations.

New Era Farm was many years in the planning.

State-of-the-Art Covered Arena Offers Year-Round Riding No Matter the Weather

Is it raining or too soggy to ride outdoors? The groomed and irrigated footing in our covered arena keeps conditions perfect so you can keep riding and training despite the wet weather.

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New Era Farm offers quality training to students owning their own horses. Please note that we do not offer overnight stabling or monthly horse boarding services at this time. The arena can also be rented by appointment for schooling of your own horse, as well as for other events such as horse shows, canine training and competitions, corporate team-building outings and other functions.

Call for arena rental and scheduling. Did you grow up riding horses and would like to introduce horsemanship to your child or grandchild?

The riding school

Riding horses is a family event, and New Era Farm can help you develop and share the love of riding with the entire family. New Era Farm understands this bond and is your partner in creating cherished family memories. Thank you to everyone who made the time to come see us and support our event.

If you missed it, please give us a call for a tour and to talk about riding lessons and arena rental. How much more so a horse who might weigh kg with a well-developed flight response. Andrew and his wife Manuela Maclean have been hugely influential in the way that Raenor now teaches. They, now, will not re-train any horse, unless its handlers learn the method too.

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Riders at Bingara Dell do ground exercises before they ride. Raenor has found this combination of training the horses and riders ensures consistency in the way aids are applied and in the responses that the horses give — every day, same aid, same response.

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  • Award-Winning Riding School, New Era Farm, has Relocated to Aiken, South Carolina;

This is especially important for school horses, so that they do not develop conflict behaviours from being given a different range of aids from each different rider. She has found that the obedience of all the horses improved enormously once she adopted this strategy.

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Pepper is still alive and well at 30 years of age. Welcome to Bingara Dell. Contact Us. History Raenor and Steve trail rode in the Strezleki Ranges and bought their first cross-bred horses there. Pepper was the first pony for Bingara Dell.

Riding Lessons Riding Lessons
Riding Lessons Riding Lessons
Riding Lessons Riding Lessons
Riding Lessons Riding Lessons
Riding Lessons Riding Lessons
Riding Lessons Riding Lessons

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