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E-mail deze pagina. Ebooks lezen is heel makkelijk. Na aankoop zijn ze direct beschikbaar op je Kobo e-reader en op je smartphone of tablet met de gratis bol. Wright Lawrence M. Samenvatting This book is a succinct introduction to the orienting of attention. Richard Wright and Lawrence Ward describe the covert orienting literature clearly and concisely, illustrating it with numerous high-quality images, specifically designed to make the challenging theoretical concepts very accessible.

The automatic orienting of attention to goal-relevant stimuli - CentAUR

The book begins with an historical introduction that provides a great deal of information about orienting, much of which will be new even to seasoned researchers. Wright and Ward then systematically describe the development of various experimental paradigms that have been devised to study covert orienting, and the theoretical issues raised by this research. One trend that they analyze in detail is the progression from relatively simple models of spatial attention attention spotlight and zoom lens models to an integrative computational framework based on a concept called the ''activity distribution.

In the Epilogue they offer a concise summary of the book, and develop preliminary frameworks for understanding the relationship between spatial attention and orienting in response to social cues social cognitive neuroscience and for describing the evolution of covert orienting. Orienting of Attention provides a systematic survey that is ideal for those looking for an accessible introduction to the field and also for students and researchers who want a state-of the-art overview.

Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s Orienting of Attention is a very good book. It represents an impressive, nearly encyclopedic survey of attention shifts, their relation to the underlying brain anatomy and to the eye movement system. This book also documents the important effort to model attention shifts. Peter Squire, Pamela Greenwood, Raja Parasuraman; Involuntary but not voluntary orienting modulates the splitting of attention.

Journal of Vision ;9 8 Background: The focus of attention need not be unitary but can be split between noncontiguous locations. However, in the absence of a suppressive mechanism triggered by external noise e. This need for a suppressive mechanism to induce splitting suggests that involuntary but not voluntary orienting of attention may modulate the splitting of attention.

Based on these findings, we predicted that when orienting was voluntary, attention would be split via a suppressive mechanism but when orienting was involuntary, attention would split or scaled depending on task demands for suppression or enhancement. The hypothesis was tested in two experiments that manipulated the orienting and distribution the scale of the attentional focus of attention and the level of external noise.

Method: A cued search task precued location of a target digit in a search array of distractor letters. Conditions were: orienting type involuntary and voluntary ; distribution type constricted, scaled, or split ; external noise high and low. External noise was manipulated by the distance between stimuli i. All cues were valid in predicting target location.

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Following array offset, participants made unspeeded responses about the presence of the target digit. In: Hemi-Inattention and Hemisphere Specialization, vol. New York: Raven Press, Mechanisms of unilateral neglect. Orientational bias model of unilateral neglect: Evidence from attentional gradients within hemispace. Berlucchi G.

Michael I. Posner

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Neurology ;38 8 : Does the midsagittal plane play any privileged role in "left" neglect? The relationship between eye movements and spatial attention. The role of attention in the programming of saccades. Hoffman JE, Subramaniam B.


The role of visual attention in saccadic eye movements. Psychophysics ;57 6 : Conjugate gaze paresis in stroke patients with unilateral damage: An unexpected instance of hemispheric asymmetry. Attentional shifts toward the rightmost stimuli in patients with left visual neglect. Cohn R. Eyeball movements in homonymous hemianopia following simultaneous bitemporal object presentation. Anderson B. Spared awareness for the left side of internal visual images in patients with left-sided extrapersonal neglect. The deployment of visual attention in the intact field of hemineglect patients.

Cortex ;26 3 : Howes D, Boller F. Simple reaction time: Evidence for focal impairment from lesions of the right hemisphere. Early rightwards orienting of attention on simple reaction time performance in patients with left-sided neglect. Neuropsychologia ;30 11 : Bartolomeo P. The novelty effect in recovered hemineglect. Cortex ;33 2 : Perception and action in hemispatial neglect. Neuropsychologia ;36 3 : Modulating the attentional bias in unilateral neglect: The effects of the strategic set. Brain Res. The spatial distribution of visual attention in hemineglect and extinction patients.

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Residual rightward attentional bias after apparent recovery from right hemisphere damage: Implications for a multicomponent model of neglect. Facilitation instead of inhibition for repeated right-sided events in left neglect. NeuroReport ;10 16 : A review of the evidence for a disengage deficit following parietal lobe damage.

Automatic and voluntary orienting of attention in patients with visual neglect: horizontal and vertical dimensions. Neural systems control of spatial orienting. B ; : Variability not ability: another basis for performance decrements in neglect. Neuropsychologia ;38 6 : Variability of response times as a marker of diverted attention. Neuropsychologia ;39 4 : Milner AD, Harvey M.

Distortion of size perception in visuospatial neglect.

Auditory orienting of attention: Effects of cues and verbal workload with children and adults.

Systematic analysis of deficits in visual attention. Bundesen C. A theory of visual attention.

Serious Game Posner Cueing Test

Hemispheric asymmetry for selective attention. Visual target detection paradigm for the study of selective attention. Protocols ;6 : Orienting to extinguished signals in hemispatial neglect. Psychological Science ;9 2 : Challenging current accounts of unilateral neglect.

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Ineffective leftward search in line bisection and mechanisms of left unilateral spatial neglect. Ocular search during line bisection.

Orienting of Attention Orienting of Attention
Orienting of Attention Orienting of Attention
Orienting of Attention Orienting of Attention
Orienting of Attention Orienting of Attention
Orienting of Attention Orienting of Attention
Orienting of Attention Orienting of Attention

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