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He came home early that day but the boys were nowhere to be seen.

If I thought I was getting away with anything, a swinging beer bottle aimed for my ear persuaded me to the contrary. It missed my ear and tenderized my shoulder instead. The stage was now swarming with sailors and I twisted to find the bottle in the hand of the kid with pig eyes. I grabbed him by his little black kerchief and yanked him and his groin into speaking distance with my left knee. It was a short conversation.

Almost immediately an arm came around my throat and started choking me from behind. The choke hold loosened immediately, and the stevedore or cabin boy or whatever rank is associated with three stripes turned to look out the plate glass window of the bar. When he turned back, I gave him a fistful of treatment for overbite.

He took two tottering steps back and fell off the stage. He shoved the trombone into my hands. I nodded my agreement and took a quick step over to the piano bench where his cornet was lying. By the time I turned back, all the sailors who were conscious had abandoned the stage and were trying to wedge themselves through the swinging front doors before the cops came in.

Chris was still on the ground, but was struggling to lever himself up on one elbow. Dundee pulled Chris roughly to his feet and I saw that his eye was already swollen shut. I grinned in spite of myself. I put a horn under each arm and bent for the string bass. Those silicon-filled babies with the erect nipple cost a fortune. Chris trod a wavering path back towards the front of the stage, but then gasped at the sight of Hambert smeared across the floor.

He dropped to a place by his shoulders and reached down to smooth the hair on his forehead, eliciting a low groan from the sailor. He snapped his gaze up at me, tears glistening in his one good eye. What the hell else did you expect me to do? The guy took a swing at you. There was no need to brutalize him. Will you look at the mark on his neck? Cursing under his breath, Dundee moved past me to snag the wig and the falsie from the littered stage.

On his way back, he yanked Chris to his feet again and dragged him up to me.

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Juggling the horns and the bass, I negotiated the drop off the back of the bandstand and Dundee followed with Chris in tow. We went down a dim, heavily-paneled corridor, past a stuffed deer with a constipated expression and disapproving glass eyes and out a door that opened on an alley running between New Montgomery and 2nd Street. The night air was heavy with fog and the emergency lights from two patrol cars at the mouth of the alley stabbed through it with red and blue flashes. A sailor bent on getting clear of the cops pounded by us on the sidewalk without so much as a glance in our direction.

Many more of them stampeded down New Montgomery towards Mission, but the one cop I could actually see by the cars seemed more concerned about staying out of their way than catching them. Dundee nudged my arm to get my attention and jerked his chin toward 2nd Street. A late-model Mercedes with tinted windows seeped into the alley and rolled to a stop beside us. The power windows on the passenger side slid down and all of us bent to look in at the driver.

Did you get it?

Dundee sighed. He took the cornet from under my arm and passed it in to Sinclair. He took the trombone, but then paused to examine the tuning slide where it had beaned the sailor. He pulled open the door and situated himself in the passenger seat. I closed the door behind him and leaned into the window.

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I finally said the thing we both were thinking the whole time we were talking about the instruments. I needed to rest it anyway.

Beware of Taking Candy From Strangers in ‘Dark Souls III’

He released my wrist and punched the button to roll up the window. Sinclair put the car in reverse and backed slowly out the way he had come. When he reached 2nd Street, he turned and went south towards Mission. I suppose I should have been surprised, but somehow I knew it was coming.

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He nodded slightly, causing his sea horse earrings to swing wildly out of proportion to the original movement. I stood there with my jaw clamped, watching them swing for a long moment, then threw down the falsie and wig, manhandled the bass up against the brick wall of the building and yanked out my wallet. I scooped out all the cash—a hundred bucks at least—and shoved it down the neckline of his gown on his flat side.

Stop coddling them and teach them right from wrong and that there are consequences for their actions! Jean Thompson.

Robin Roberts Lester. Plus size, really I am 58 and remember being labeled the chubby kid Unless you have experienced it, you won't understand. Reyos Blackwood.

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Desiree Phillips Hood. Even if you don't have are want guns , your best defense is to teach your child gun safety. Curious minds are more dangerous than one that knows and understands why we have guns or don't have guns. How they feel and sound and what they do to objects Tears of admiration for this strong woman. She has the whole world in front of her and she gets to make her future the best for her and the lives she inspires. I had one 50 years ago. Actually the closest I could get to one was a pram harness.

Definitely worth it.

Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers
Candy from Strangers Candy from Strangers

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