Condensed Matter Theories

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Condensed Matter and Biophysics Theory

Ryan M. Wilson, Stefan Natu. Beliaev damping in quasi-two-dimensional dipolar condensates. Katsnelson, L. Interaction-driven Lifshitz transition with dipolar fermions in optical lattices. Francesco Ancilotto. Kohn-Sham approach to Fermi gas superfluidity: The bilayer of fermionic polar molecules.


Alps, A. Kruzins, M. Tamanis, R. Ferber, E. Pazyuk, A. Baier, M. Mark, D. Petter, K. Aikawa, L. Chomaz, Z. Cai, M.

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Condensed Matter Theory at MIT

Guttridge, S. Kemp, R. Freytag, E. Hinds, M. Tarbutt, S. A versatile dual-species Zeeman slower for caesium and ytterbium. Review of Scientific Instruments , 87 4 , Scott, Young Sun. Quantum electric-dipole liquid on a triangular lattice. Prospects for the formation of ultracold polar ground state KCs molecules via an optical process. Mohammad F. Causality and quantum criticality in long-range lattice models. Bo Liu, Xiaopeng Li, W. Vincent Liu. Topological phases via engineered orbital hybridization in noncentrosymmetric optical lattices.

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The Oppenheimer Lecture by Professor Marvin Cohen: Condensed Matter Physics: The Goldilocks Science

A double species 23 Na and 87 Rb Bose—Einstein condensate with tunable miscibility via an interspecies Feshbach resonance. Zhigang Wu, Jens K.

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Shirley, Stefan S. Anomalous supersolidity in a weakly interacting dipolar Bose mixture on a square lattice. Bighin, L. Finite-temperature quantum fluctuations in two-dimensional Fermi superfluids. Pototschnig, Andreas W. Electric dipole moments and chemical bonding of diatomic alkali—alkaline earth molecules.

Condensed matter theories

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 18 8 , Ab initio studies on the spin-forbidden cooling transitions of the LiRb molecule. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 18 29 , Kohn-Sham theory of a rotating dipolar Fermi gas in two dimensions. Safavi-Naini, M. Wall, A.

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Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories
Condensed Matter Theories Condensed Matter Theories

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