A Good Old-Fashioned Future

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From the subversive to the antic, the uproarious to the disturbing, the stories of Bruce Sterling are restless, energy-filled journeys through a world running on empty - the visionary work of one of our most imaginative and insightful modern writers. They live as strangers in strange lands.

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Good Old Fashioned Future

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This is Jussiv's personal library, powered by TinyCat. The story is full of genial terrorist camaraderie and lots of free-floating cynicism in search of a less tangled plotline. Unfortunately, Sterling is so busy trying to hit that perfect note of jaded economic satire that he fails to keep the plot coherent. In "Sacred Cow," the world is ruled by Asian interests, and Britain is a broken country dependent upon tourism and investments from India.

Speculiction Review of A Good Old-fashioned Future by Bruce Sterling

Sterling depicts this via a condescending Indian film producer who drags his company from London to Glasgow to Bolton, making B-movies on the cheap. Sterling gets very cute with details that fill in how the Western economic sphere was felled by its fondness for hamburger. It's a one-liner of a story, interesting but inconsequential.

The final three stories are set in the same twenty-first century future, linked by shared characters. His trip is made considerably more adventuresome by the convergence upon Dusseldorf of fringe elements from all over Europe for a Wende. Sterling's Wende is a spontaneous weekend of good-natured violent anarchy; the name probably comes from the tumbling of the Berlin Wall.

Eddy spends most of the story being dragged along, wide-eyed but willing, by the bodyguard assigned to escort him to his meeting. The protagonist is Lyle Schweik, a bicycle repairman who lives in the "zone," a no-man's-land in the burnt-out upper levels of a cavernous Chattanooga high-rise.

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Lyle's shop is a mobile home strung up on elevator cables by his buddy Spider Pete and the City Spiders, urban climbers for whom high-rise breaking-and-entering is a passion and an artform. Eddy Dertouzas used to be Lyle's roommate, and he still uses Lyle's shop as a mail drop.

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When the latest mysterious package among many seems to be an old-fashioned set-top cable box, Lyle hooks it up and turns it on.

A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future
A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future
A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future
A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future
A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future
A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future
A Good Old-Fashioned Future A Good Old-Fashioned Future

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